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breakthrough to supercharged brand value with optimized messaging and content 






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Many businesses are thinking about marketing wrong. They’re not good at communicating with prospects, not standing out from the noise, trying to copy someone else’s magic formula, expecting instant results from hot trends, and think marketing help is too expensive and complex. It's not!


With cut-throat markets in many industries, economic uncertainty, and the AI explosion of content, you have no choice but to learn to more effectively communicate your value to your different audiences or you will stay ineffective and stuck.


You have to do more groundwork these days to get specific, sound different, create action, and be memorable.


Breakthrough to new markets and add new revenue channels.



Do you feel like your business can't grow the way you want?


              To get specific, sound different, create action, and be memorable you will need to 


* Improve brand value positioning

* Optimize key messaging and core content

* Strengthen the path for customer experience



But you can’t do all this alone. You need to align with someone who adapts, pivots, and has tons of experience to apply to your situation.









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Experienced strategic marketing consultant

Business coach and mentor

Direct response guru

7x seasoned entrepreneur

Pioneer in e-book sales

Marketing instructor at NYU & Columbia


Sandra Lynn



Your On-Demand CMO and Advisor




Hi I’m Sandra. I’m an industry veteran with a few clients you might recognize:


Brookstone, People Magazine, Guess Watches, and several of the Shark Tank hosts


As a multicultural thinker, my passion is working with all types of entrepreneurs around the world.


When you get lost, I can get you pointed in the right direction!

Breakthrough to Supercharged Marketing Conversations


I paid avid attention to every step of her process. She reviewed my current online presence and then systematically explained what needed changed, upgraded, reworked and revamped. Her precision with the details and the behind the scenes issues brought me to a new level of professional marketing that propelled my brand into a powerhouse.

~~ Becky, RebeccaJerrod Coaching