Getting new customers and growing your, or your client or group's, business online takes a long-term big-picture vision, solid planning, simple systems and a long-lasting strategic approach. I help you with organic advisory services to understand everything under the surface.


Recent multi-channel marketing strategy and content consulting includes work for Amazon Music, Aspire Drinks, ECatalyst, Entrepreneur Development Box, FDE Romania, and many more.


Power content creation, digital program development, and integrated marketing strategy across channels deliver more results and grow new revenue online. Using Done-With-You services I’ve served global entrepreneurs and organizations using my simple 4 Step Blueprint system to:



map the ideal customer journey for sales, plan coaching site for selling services, optimize messaging for sales presentations, train how to sell products online, grow email lists, train how to use the right tools, optimize site for more optins and sales leads, launch courses and programs, gain influence with content, sell books on Amazon, learn the best ways to use social media for more leads, create sales funnels, vet tools and vendors, promote events online, edit blog for stronger SEO and audience targeting, expand global markets…..and more!





and Optimize Your Business for Better Results



1:1 Advisory


On-Demand Services


Personalized Training & Education



I’m flexible to work with you on-demand for many types of marketing consulting needs, including organizational work and group training. If you are unsure of what works best for you, just click to the Action Plan Call Form and I can talk about your situation and how best to serve you. You can also join my skills community Facebook group or follow my videos on YouTube for free training.



Power Hour 1-on-1



One hour intensive video call. Let’s get you focused and productive! Strategy to work on anything you need for your online business, at any level working from wherever you are. Pick your #1 issue and get pointed in the right direction to get un-stuck and assess your exact needs. I can help evaluate, equip or empower you so that you can power up your online business skills and profitability.


We’ll unpack your ideas and where you are getting stuck to find a clear plan of action to take you forward. Get clarity, action plans, over-the-shoulder screen sharing, training, demos or anything you need.


Included: recording of the call, and 7 days of unlimited followup messaging.


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Content & Online Presence Evaluation


Review of website and all social profiles, including social networks and other channels. Prep for paid advertising, growing your email list, maximizing opportunities for opt-ins, optimizing customer journey. This is a custom, hands-on evaluation, subjective writing, not a machine analysis. 


You’ll receive a customized report that covers on-page suggestions to improve marketing, as well as tips for a stronger customer path from acquisition to followup. A prioritized task list at the end lets you know what improvements to tackle first and next. After the Evaluation Report has been delivered, we’ll schedule a consultation to answer your questions and prioritize next steps.


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Customer Journey Mapping



Diagram, worksheet or map of how a prospect and customer interacts with your company. This is a visual representation and description of the actions they take from first contact, to following, to purchase, and post-purchase.


See where there might be dropoff or losing contact where you expect further action. Learn where you need to maximize your touchpoints and have a tighter plan for followup.

This customer-focused exercise will gain you insight on customer conversation path, how different target audiences behave differently, and which touchpoints might need to be adjusted.


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